YaYbag JUMBO, Stylish Reusable Shopping Bag, Quality Reusable Grocery Bag, Par Avion


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This capacious reusable bag, measuring 20"W x 28"H and featuring an ergonomically designed long handle, is thoughtfully engineered for comfortable shoulder carrying, seamlessly blending practicality with convenience, making it an ideal choice for everyday use.

Crafted from premium 100% polyester taffeta fabric, this sturdy bag is engineered to effortlessly carry up to 55 lbs of goods. Its exceptional durability not only eliminates the need for frequent replacements but also establishes it as an eco-friendly choice over low-quality reusable shopping bags. In reducing the environmental footprint, it contributes significantly to the preservation of our planet for future generations, ensuring a greener and cleaner world.

It's machine washable. For optimal hygiene and to avoid bacterial accumulation, it's recommended to thoroughly wash and clean your reusable bag following each use.

Engineered for convenient storage, this bag features a foldable design that can be rolled up into a compact size and secured with the attached elastic. Its slender form ensures it fits easily into a front pocket, purse, or car glove compartment, making it ideal for on-the-go use.

Our YaYbag comes in a variety of designs, enabling you to showcase your unique style. It's chic and fashionable, perfect for complementing any outfit. This makes it the perfect accessory for women who appreciate the harmony of style and functionality.

The YaYbag truly shines in its remarkable versatility, serving a multitude of purposes from grocery shopping and beach outings to carrying books or gym clothes. As an essential travel accessory, this reusable tote bag provides extra space for purchases made while on the go. It excels in various roles, including carrying knitting or craft projects, packing diapers, planning picnics, hauling laundry, offering additional home storage, or serving as a stylish gift bag. The YaYbag is the perfect choice. Unleash your creativity with this reusable bag and explore countless innovative ways to integrate it into your everyday life. The possibilities are endless!

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  • Posted by Deanna Wills on 25th Jul 2021



    I love these bags. They roll up into a tiny ball and I routinely keep 3 in my purse. I gave them as gifts to all of my friends!