About Us

YAY NOVELTY is a lifestyle products brand based in Washington State, USA. ​YAY, in YAY NOVELTY, stands for “Why and Why,” as in Why the company exists, and Why the products exist. The former provides resources for Cambodian genocide survivors. The latter connects fun with function, quality, and sustainability.


At YAY NOVELTY we are dedicated to making high-quality products that last, are affordable, are fair trade, are good for the environment, and are healthy for people. We believe that when you have a good product you don’t need to sacrifice quality or style - and that’s what we aim to provide with every product we make. Our extensive range includes reusable shopping bags, slim wallets, vaccine card holders, lip balm cases, luxurious clay bar soap, healthy grass-fed beef jerky, ALL-IN-ONE mineral tinted sunscreen+anti-aging skincare, designer Swedish dishcloths, vibrant luggage tags, illustrated notepads, elegance greeting cards, eco-friendly gift jars plus pet products.

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About Founder

Having survived the Cambodian holocaust and lost her father and brothers at only one year old, Sunchea Phou was forced to flee the country with her mother when she was just seven. They wound up in a refugee camp for five years until they emigrated to Montreal with no money, education, or skills. To make ends meet, Sunchea worked in a sweatshop after school. After she finished her studies in computer science and fashion, she moved to the United States, where she had the incredible opportunity to work with brands such as REI, Eddie Bauer, and Nike.


During this time, some of her projects included creating a medical device for NASA astronauts and engineering NFL uniforms - including those used by Seattle Seahawks during their Super Bowl victory. After completing these amazing tasks, Sunchea decided to take a leap of faith and pursue her dreams of starting her own business - YAY NOVELTY. So far, her biggest accomplishment is the success of her quality reusable shopping bag, YaYbag JUMBO. This means that she has been able to make a considerable contribution towards reducing the amount of single-use plastic bags and cheap quality bags that end up in landfills.


Following a number of near-death experiences, she began to wonder about her purpose in life - an inquiry that initiated a quest for answers. After long contemplation, it became clear what her purpose should be, and she has been motivated ever since to make YAY NOVELTY a success.

Super Bowl XLVIII Trophy

YaYwallet with the Super Bowl XLVIII Trophy - Yes, the real one!