YaYbag JUMBO, Stylish Reusable Shopping Bag, Quality Reusable Grocery Bag, Harmony


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Let's protect our planet for future generations. Investing in a quality and stylish reusable shopping bag is one of the best ways to help minimize our negative impact on the environment. The YaYbag JUMBO is a great choice, with a size large enough to hold up to 55 lbs of items, while its ergonomic long handle makes it comfortable to carry on your shoulder. This sturdy bag is made of high-quality 100% polyester taffeta fabric that is machine washable and incredibly durable, allowing you to use it for multiple purposes such as grocery shopping, beach trips, gym visits, yoga classes, travel companionship, storage needs, diaper transport, book club events, picnic outings, laundry carrying bag, and even gifting! Plus its foldable property allows you to roll it up into a small roll and secure it with an attached elastic for easy storage in between uses.

Not only does the YaYbag JUMBO offer superior protection for the environment but also looks chic and stylish so you can pair it with any outfit. With a huge selection of prints available for this 20"W x 28"H bag, there's something for everyone! So why not make the switch today to reduce the footprint of plastic bags and cheap-made reusable shopping bags? Together we can make an enormous difference in preserving our planet for future generations!

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    5 Reviews

  • Posted by Jane on 3rd Dec 2022



    I LOVE your bags! They're well made, attractive, easy to keep in a jacket pocket or purse, economical & pretty!! Going green is great! It's so easy to take these bags with you!

  • Posted by Sheila on 20th Jan 2020


    great bags!

    These bags are so roomy and strong. I love the colors and patterns, very pretty. I will be getting tons of use out of these as my area stores have gone bagless now!

  • Posted by Donna Sword on 11th Jan 2020


    Beautiful reusable bag

    I bought 3 bags. One to use now and 2 spares. Since I love purple and butterflies I made the right choice. These bags are AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL. I love them.

  • Posted by Barbara A Lefleur on 10th Jan 2020


    How did I shop without this???

    I love this bag, the designs, the size, the strength!! I bought 3 and I just might need to get more to hand out to my friends. I love the fact that it folds up so small that it fits really well in my not to big handbag. Thank you to whoever designed this!!!

  • Posted by Terri on 8th Jan 2020


    Reusable bag

    Gorgeous and love it