SZ188 - Klik Klak Ball

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  • Jellyfish like toy with colorful plastic balls and acrylic flowers.

  • Versatile...use it as a foraging toy by hiding small treats inside the plastic balls. Make sure to wash the toy before using.
  • Great toy for making noises.

  • Colors combination may vary.
  • Included one 2.5mm stainless steel quicklink.

  • Width: 4"

  • Overall height: 5-1/2"

Fun toy for Sugar Gliders and small to medium sized birds.

Made in China

1 Reviews

  • Posted by Karyn Fellion on 6th Dec 2020


    0ur parrot loves this toy. She hangs off of it upside down, makes lots of noise with it, and takes it apart with her beak.

    see above