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Expected release date is 17th May 2024


The Kampot region is renowned for cultivating the world-famous Kampot Pepper. Yet, there's more to discover in this unique place - the esteemed Kampot Salt Flower, also known as the Flower of the Sea or Fleur de Sel. This delicate salt flower blooms on the surface of salt ponds, nurtured by the perfect blend of sunlight, wind, and temperature. Meticulously hand-harvested using a traditional technique like Celtic Salt, passed down through generations, carefully collected within a narrow window of time to preserve its fragile structure. Any delay would cause the delicate bloom to sink, resulting in a loss of its precious harvest.

Our exquisite Kampot Salt Flower is the epitome of purity, brimming with nutrients and minerals thanks to its natural and unrefined process. Free from additives or post-harvest treatments, it boasts essential minerals that promote bodily well-being. With its pristine white color, delightful crunch, and unique flavor enhanced by a subtle sweetness, it serves as the perfect sprinkle seasoning for your culinary creations.

Kampot salt has earned a prestigious Protected Geographical Identification from the World Trade Organization thanks to its unique flavor, meticulous harvesting, and exceptional quality. Rest assured, you can savor this salt with confidence, knowing it upholds the highest standards of authenticity and excellence. Choosing Kampot Salt Flower also supports small-scale salt farmers and their families in Cambodia, preserving traditional techniques and knowledge. It's important to note that for every 30 pounds of regular sea salt, only one pound of Salt Flower is produced. Purchasing Kampot Salt Flower allows you to enjoy its health benefits and contribute to a sustainable and ethical industry.

NOTE: Our high-quality packaging shields the product from moisture, oxygen, and light, preserving the salt's quality. Net weight is 1.1 LB or 500 g. The pre-order promotion will end on April 26th, 2024, or upon selling out due to limited quantity, whichever comes first. As production occurs only once a year, once the product is sold out, it will be available again the following year.

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