What is the Future of Wallets?

What is the Future of Wallets?

Published by YaY Novelty on 6th Aug 2018

As we continue to move toward digital payments such as: Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and many others, our wallets no longer have to be large and bulky. So, what do you carry in your wallet on a daily basis? As for me, I carry 4 cards and a single bill: ID (driver’s license), auto insurance card, 2 credit cards and a $50 bill. I add my health insurance card to my wallet when I have a doctor appointment. My rarely used cards are organized in additional wallets: membership cards in one wallet, gift cards in another, unused credit cards in one wallet and business cards in another. Each wallet has a different print or graphic making it easy identifiable. It’s very convenient and such a time saver and I know where everything is when needed. This wallet organization has made my life so much easier, less clutter and no more dreaded where is my %$@#!...what a lifesaver.

Will the wallet industry change to accommodate Generation Z? After much thought, I would say, definitely yes. I say yes because technology is rapidly changing; changing at this very moment. I expect one day soon, payments will be possible by facial recognition. That’s not a very big leap since cell phones already have that technology. Using your finger to make payments is already being tested in Denmark ( Therefore, very little will be needed in your wallet; perhaps a credit card, your ID/driver’s license, your auto or health insurance card and a single bill.

So, how big of a wallet do you really need to carry those few items? How many wallets are available that will fit in the palm of your hand, or a small pocket or a mini purse? Very few in the market will and unfortunately they are somewhat boring, of low quality and pricey. But, there is a solution. YaYwallet, the ultra-slim wallet created for men and women that incorporates function with fun, affordability and quality workmanship. At a $9.99 price point, you can pick more than one and create your own wallet organizational system. The variety of prints and graphics will complement your personality, mood or match any outfit or any occasion. YaYwallet is very proud to be 100% made in America, including materials, printing and labor. YaYwallet is also proud of its charitable donations. Twenty-percent of its profits goes to poor and needy families throughout Cambodia.