What does a REUSABLE bag really mean?

What does a REUSABLE bag really mean?

Published by YaY Novelty on 27th Jul 2018

There’s no denying reusable bags are here to stay and have quickly become the norm - the new Must-Have item. But what does reusable really mean. I decided to check the dictionary for a precise meaning. Merriam-Webster dictionary states reusable means “Capable of being used again or repeatedly.” Would two, three, or four times be considered reusable; I would say it certainly does. In fact, most of us will use our reusable bags countless times, especially if it’s a good quality bag. I would also add that being washable should be part of the definition. In my world, a reusable bag is capable of being used again and again and capable of being washed repeatedly (Washing your reusable bag reduces bacteria levels to almost nothing). I recommend doing your own research and drawing your own conclusion.

Many reusable bags in the market aren’t necessarily much better than plastic bags when it comes to performance. Quality construction does matter. If your bag is of subpar quality it will most likely tear apart after a few uses. And if it can't be washed, it will need to be tossed due to possible health hazards. Tossing your bag prematurely (after a few usages) really defeats the purpose and ends up being more costly for you. After all, reusable bags are supposed to be an environmentally sound alternative to plastic and paper bags, but unfortunately sometimes profit comes first thus cutting corners on quality.

I asked myself...Hmm, what can I do about it? How can I contribute? After being in the apparel industry for over 20 years, and handling many complex and challenging projects such as NFL uniforms and medical devices for NASA, I challenged myself to make a high quality, reusable bag. Out of this challenge, YaYbag was born. I wanted YaYbag to have similar characteristics of its sibling, YaYwallet. YaYbag has the look of a casual chic bag rather than a boring grocery bag; it’s fashionable and makes a great conversation piece. YaYbag is a multi-performer (limited only by your imagination) and washable too. It’s constructed with the same care and attention given to the NFL uniforms; no cutting corners, just made to last. Yaybag is fun to show off and comes in a huge selection of prints – from funky to sexy to downright hilarious.

If you really want to show off your green spirit, then carry a quality, well-constructed, washable, reusable bag, preferably a YaYbag. Mother Nature certainly would appreciate it and so will you.