Vaccine Card Holders

Vaccine Card Holders

Published by YAY NOVELTY on 12th Jan 2022

It’s year 2022 and it brings with it, the daily need for frequent proof of vaccination depending on where you live or travel to. It appears Covid-19 is here to stay at least for the foreseeable future. No matter your perspective, this is our current reality and now proof of vaccination has become another activity added to our unending list of daily tasks.

Life can be simple and life can be complex but no doubt challenging. Covid-19 and the restrictions it brings challenges us to rise to the occasion. We are clamoring for bits and pieces of normalcy in our daily lives or at best, ways to make it simpler. Wishing for pre-Covid-19 days is not a solution, so lets continue to move forward with our lives accordingly.

This new year regardless of our circumstances, brings hope, big HOPE. Let’s make hopefulness not helplessness our mantra for 2022. So if we must show vaccination proof for now, so be it. Frequent flashing of our vaccine cards on a daily basis makes them vulnerable to wear and tear and wrinkle damage. A vaccination card is an important document and must be protected and allow necessary updates for boosters, so lamination is out of the question. An accessory, such as a vaccine card protector is essential and just what we need while traveling through this Covid-filled life.

Vaccination card holders keep your cards in good shape and keep them easily accessible. There are several options for vaccine card protectors. Some are made of leather, vinyl, or fabric but few offer creative surface designs to express your personality. So I asked myself why not show a part of yourself even when flashing your vaccination card. Since I believe in adding a little bit of fun wherever you can, I set out to create vaccine card protectors to do just that.

YaY Novelty Vaccination Card Holders are made of vinyl and offer style and durability. And no, we didn’t forget about the children. We have vaccine card holders for kids too. There are many unique designs to choose from for adults and kids. Remember, they also make great gifts for everyone. Our vaccine card protectors for adults and vaccination card holders for kids are multi-purpose and can be used for other documents or etc. Just use your imagination. You can’t go wrong with choosing YaY Novelty. YaY Novelty is quality. So go ahead, bring a bit of fun and excitement into your daily life, but most of all stay safe, make good choices and keep moving forward.