How a wallet saved me?

How a wallet saved me?

Published by YaY Novelty on 24th Jul 2018

The Birth of YaYwallet...

I grew older and I grew wiser. Thank goodness!

A few short years ago, in 2000?, I figured out what I really needed in life. My discovery led me to see all the clutter and materialism in my life. I couldn’t believe how much stuff I had accumulated that I really didn’t need. This discovery was quite a rude awakening and honestly a shock to my system. Looking back, it was just the shock I needed. I was then able to see the many accumulations of things here and there…were actually a burden on me. Not only, did it affect my physical space but my very thoughts. I learned that a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind and eventually a cluttered reality.

In the midst of all my stuff, I began to envision a pared down lifestyle, not exactly extreme minimalism but a minimalistic approach to stuff. I decided baby steps would be my best strategy. Otherwise overwhelming paralysis would set in. I needed to quickly make a simple, easy change to begin the slow death to my old habits. So the first thing I attacked was my wallet. My wallet was in dire need of a transformation. In that moment, when I looked at my wallet, I immediately saw it as a metaphor for my life: a clutter of things. Besides the 3 c’s (cash, credit cards & more cards), I had a boatload of receipts, just a ridiculous amount that I carried back & forth daily. It looked embarrassingly messy and bulky. For whatever reason, I hadn’t noticed it before and this was the first time I really saw my wallet.

I was excited to buy a new wallet that was fun and unique. I didn’t need a lot of bells and whistles, just simple and easy. Little did I know this search would become darn impossible! After searching high and low and becoming highly frustrated, I had a lightbulb moment. Since I have a background in the apparel manufacturing industry, I was determined to design and create my own. Thus, YaYwallet was born; a fun-filled fashion wallet/card holder that keeps me organized, and clutter free…so yes a wallet saved me and turned me into an entrepreneur with a new business in the process.

YaYwallet has proven to be a good design with good performance, fun, functionality and uniqueness. My projects at Nike, particularly with the NFL uniforms, really increased my confidence in solving design/technical challenges and enabled me to put forth the ingenuity to create a wallet that was easy, minimal, and functional. I have created a fun new concept of ultra slim wallets that both men and women can embrace and incorporate into their daily lives without worrying about bulk.

For many years, slim wallets/card holders were available only for men but with YaYwallet my mission is to break that stereotype. Women will be able to use YaYwallet not only as an everyday wallet but also as a fashion accessory - mixing and matching with their outfits or events. YaYwallet is a durable, quality wallet made affordable so it can change as you change.