YaYtag Better Together Luggage Tag

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A new smart way to travel in style with our secure luggage tag.

YaYtag-The funky, fresh approach to keeping ID info private in style. These are modern luggage tags that pull double duty. Not only are they a fun way to express your personality but they're also about privacy. They were designed so that only the luggage owner's name can be readily seen. The rest of their personal information is hidden from view. This design features two loving owls snuggling up together on a tree branch.

  • Durable luggage tag - a fun and colorful ID tag for luggage, backpacks, pet cages, team bags, etc.
  • User-friendly and long-lasting bungee cord.
  • Corrosion resistant rivet.
  • 100% waterproof with the use of permanent marker.
  • Same material and dimension as a credit card.
  • 20% of its profit go to help the Cambodian genocide survivors.
  • Video of YaYtag features and how to use YaYtag is available on YouTube.

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