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world's thinnest - slimmest - coolest wallet / card holder!

YaYwallet is a fun new concept that solves the problem of the traditional bulky wallet.
Our wallets are not only cool but expressive. So express yourself! Choose from hundred of our prints & graphics. Some are funky, some are sexy and some are simply hilarious.
Finally for men! A wallet that doesn't add to your backside or gives you that lopsided feeling.
And for women, this is an exciting fresh approach to carrying your essentials. It's a fun, and flirty, easy way to carry your smallest purse or clutch, or simply in the palm of your hand when you're on-the-go.
Who say you can't have it all...YaYwallet gives you function-fashion-quality-and affordability.
YaYwallet is durable and machine washable and we're proud to say made in the USA. Customization is also available - click here.